Updating excel from access

12-Aug-2017 03:36

This coul change of course if I ever get up to speed .

Like the idea of the DAO or ADO update but as a novice will have to burn some midnight oil.

If you are working repeatedly with different Excel workbooks, linking to them may not be the best solution.

You might instead create a VBA procedure that automated Excel from Access, and let's you use DAO or ADO to update the appropriate record.

To the right of that is a "unit conversion calculator" that helps them correctly convert between different units of measurement.

Here is a screenshot of how it currently looks: I am currently having several problems with this, however, and was wondering if anyone could help me fix them: 1) I have several of these sheets (one for each of our food ordering departments).

I have an inventory spreadsheet that contains a table of records imported from a Microsoft Access database.

To the right of this table there is a field for workers to input the amount currently in stock for each item.

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But at some point you'll probably bump up against the limits of Excel as a database manager and wish for the sort of flexibility that Microsoft Access provides.I'm trying to make this as simple as possible for end users, and don't want them to have to manually refresh the DB data.

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