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29-Jul-2017 18:00

"The way we view our long-term sports fan experience is, you'd never have to carry a wallet again."To use the biometric system, you must register your fingerprints, which is free.

Registration at Comerica was offered Monday and will be available at a kiosk on game days.

BT Infinity gives you a superfast fibre optic broadband connection with speeds of up to 76Mb.

This lets you do more online, with everyone online together, and it's great for downloading or streaming movies, TV shows and music.

The Tigers debuted the system Monday at Gate A — the main gate across from the Fox Theatre."Once you are in the system, so to speak, you have the ability to enter different venues and perform different transactions," said Ed O'Brien, the head of sports business development at New York-based Clear, which installed the system.

To reassure customers who are concerned about privacy, the company said it does not sell or release biometric data to other groups.