Pink speed dating

28-Jan-2018 00:28

Pink Fizz Speed Dating has chosen the city with one of the most vibrant and proud gay scenes to launch their concept this September.

To find out when and where exactly the first event will be, follow @Fizz Speed on Twitter.

Wednesday 24 August / 6pm / The Box / FREE, booking required (or application required if you'd like to join in the performance) FACTLab Resident Artist Kuang-Yi Ku will be hosting a very special, one-of-a-kind performative event, and we're looking for pets and their owners to get involved!

If you are a dog owner, and you've always wondered how to find your pet the perfect partner, look no further.

This event SOLD OUT in record time last year so hurry if you don't want to miss out.

Speed Dating in Southampton How Speed Dating in Southampton works When you arrive at the speed dating venue for Speed Dating in Southampton, you will be greeted by our friendly professional hosts.

This “Fancy a Femme” event will feature: All femme lesbians, bisexuals and women who like women are invited.

The event starts at pm-8pm plus Party at SHE afterwards, and please note that if you arrive late you may not be able to take part Tickets must be bought in advance and online for only £19.95!!

What happens at a Speed Dating in Southampton event At a Speed Dating in Southampton event, you will have four minutes to chat to each date, Four minutes is long enough to see if you click with the person you are talking to and whether you would like to see them again.If you own a dog and are interested in being part of the performance, please email [email protected] with your name, gender, age, contact information, and the same for your dog, including theirname, gender, age and a photo!

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