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04-Jan-2018 16:16

I became upset and to sooth me, my husband was going out to get me take out food.On his way out of our house, he encountered the women he had been seeing.For the home-wrecking, cyber-cheating honey, I do hope you get all that you so richly deserve. Noel, my daughter and I are happier than we have been for years.Ours is a success story and I do hope that you will find strength in our woeful tale of infidelity.They took great pains to cover each others tracks for if one got caught so would the other.At first, I did not believe he [Jack - not his name] was cheating on my best friend [Noel - not her name] - Jack was always home or with my husband, who, naturally, would tell me.I loved him very much and too forgive him once was one thing but now it is plain sick and dark.

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Of course my husband, providing tea and sympathy and ever so much guilt, was the first to condemn Jack - his best friend.Her man died she lived with died to her neglect last year so she went back to the only man that would take her back.

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