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27-Jan-2018 03:38

Someone who is a hard worker and may have climbed the corporate ladder over time is a good fit. He may or may not have gone to a top school but he is intelligent and has loads of common sense.

This man should also be fun because more likely, you could use some fun in your life.

“well I love to run so he should be a runner” or “I really enjoy visiting museums and art shows so he should love the arts too.” But is that really the case?

What kind of single are you and what does that say about the partner you're in search of? Not only wanting to know the answer but the “why” and “how” you arrived there is even more important to you.

Loves to have a great time and often you are the center of attention. The challenge can be that men with a more laid back personality don’t see how they can fit in with all the commotion.

A compliment for you would be a man who is ok with playing the background because he is confident in himself.

) but he can love you up when you’re together and enjoy seeing you be the Belle of the Ball.

Usually he’s sitting in the corner smiling in awe of you.

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You are caring for everyone under the sun including friends, family and work. You are lacking self-care and everyone is pulling you in a million different directions.

As relationship coaches and professional matchmakers, we meet so many awesome women (and men) who are looking for true love.

As you can imagine, each person has their own unique personality and often they would assume that they should be looking for someone EXACTLY like them, i.e.

He would force you to relax and smell the roses and add some spontaneity in your life.

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You are go a with the flow type of woman, non-judgmental, and usually a risk taker.

Usually this woman is confidant in herself and liked by many because she can find the positives in just about anything or anyone.

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