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The two admired each other’s writing—then hit it off when about 50 group members met at California’s Beverly Hills Tennis Club to commiserate over Simpson’s acquittal. “This is what they call falling in love,” the never-wed Marquis wrote Price, who had been briefly married. Says Marquis: “Live happily ever after.” Movie madness Matt Frassica had his heart set on Sandra Bullock—or at least someone like the winsome lonely heart she played in 1995’s While You Were Sleeping. The Walnut, Calif., movie-theater manager, now 27, posted a note on AOL’s romance bulletin board.She flew to Oregon for their first date and stayed (she now hosts a local cultural-affairs radio show). “One Jack looking for his Lucy,” he wrote, referring to Bill Pullman’s and Bullock’s characters.“By that time I knew what the answer was going to be,” she says.The couple planned to wed in September 1998, but that April doctors decided both of Dravk’s diseased kidneys had to be removed.Campbell “was getting a little bored with it all,” she says, until she heard from Tom Blumm, a never-married prison administrator from Westampton, N. He says he was simply seeking a literate pen pal: “I thought, ‘She’s in Australia. In August 1997, the smitten couple decided they had to meet.Blumm, now 36, stocked up on the Aussie sandwich spread Vegemite and greeted Kathy in Philadelphia in a stretch limo. “We had pretty much the best times of our lives,” says Blumm.America Online’s dating area has sparked 1,200 weddings; other folks bond over shared passions in the Net’s myriad discussion groups.

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With more than 50 million Americans now online, the not-just-for-the-nerdy Internet is turning into a superhighway to the altar.

“You have to be in love to lead this crazy life,” she says. Simpson Like You’ve Got Mail’s odd couple, Josh Marquis and Cindy Price seemed all wrong for each other.