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In the 16th century, the rights of the lower classes were abolished.

In March 1528 the citizens of Aarau allowed the introduction of Protestantism at the urging of the Bernese.

Starting in the early 18th century, the textile industry was established in Aarau.

German immigration contributed to the city's favorable conditions, in that they introduced the cotton and silk factories.

A growth in population during the 16th Century led to taller buildings and denser construction methods.

Early forms of industry developed at this time; however, unlike in other cities, no guilds were formed in Aarau.

It is therefore the first capital of a unified Switzerland. Aarau was declared the capital of the new, enlarged canton of Aargau.

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Beginning in 1900, numerous electrical enterprises developed.

Two weeks later a French envoy continued to foment the revolutionary opinions of the city.

The contrast between a high level of education and a low level of political rights was particularly great in Aarau, and the city refused to send troops to defend the Bernese border.

It is German-speaking and predominantly Protestant. Aarau is situated on the Swiss plateau, in the valley of the Aare, on the river's right bank, and at the southern foot of the Jura Mountains, Newer districts of the city lie to the south and east of the outcrop, as well as higher up the mountain, and in the valley on both sides of the Aare.

The neighboring municipalities are Küttigen to the north, Rohr and Buchs to the east, Suhr to the south-east, Unterentfelden to the south, and Eppenberg-Wöschnau and Erlinsbach to the west.On 11 August 1712, the Peace of Aarau was signed into effect.

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